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Emerald Bay Pool Coolers is dedicated to set the standard for Ultra efficient Pool Coolers for the Australian Market. Providing an economical product both in initial cost and operation. With a wide range of sizes, we can cool the smallest of plunge pools to Olympic size pools and beyond. Our patent pending system out performs any chiller on the market.

This ultra-efficient cooling machine is designed to cool your pool water by 4-5 degrees below its summer time temperature. A pool having a Emerald Bay pool cooler would typically start its day at 28-29 c or less.

Our pool coolers use a fraction of the energy other coolers uses. Rated at 180 watts our fan motor uses less than 10 cent per hour. (RESIDENTIAL UNITS)

Easy to install and maintain, can be added to an existing system or part of a new pool design.  

In most cases the cooler can be installed without additional electrical work. The operation of the cooler can be done manually. However, our low wattage fan motors allow the cooler to be easily switched on and off by a WiFi smart plug. This allows the owner to schedule run times* and monitor power consumption with a wireless devise on a cell phone app.

Take control of your pool temperature – No more Pool shades required – No more waiting for it to rain to cool the water a couple degrees for a day. Use the Emerald Bay pool cooler to reclaim your pool this summer and enjoy all the reasons you have it.

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