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Early Adopters 

We are a start-up manufacturer of Ultra Efficient Coolers for swimming pools, seeking Early Adopters who may have a demand for our product. Our product was developed here in Far North Queensland out of a personal journey to find comfort in own warm pool.

With the proof of concept established over the summer of 2018-19 we are now entering the commercial market place. We are ready to take what we have developed and apply it to solve the same problems in our local community.

The pool is commonly the costliest and most visible amenity on any property. Our goal is to help maximize the effectiveness of this asset by maintaining a refreshing temperature through the summer months. The benefits of a cool pool include an increase in client enjoyment and attitude, lower chemical cost and general maintenance associated with cooler pool water temperatures. Satisfied consumers have a tendency to stay on the property which reduces the risk of losing F&B revenue to outside venues. This is especially true if the property has a pool side bar/restaurant.

In this phase we are looking to partner with 3-4 Early Adopters in the Cairns and Port Douglas areas. We hope to develop commitments in the Hotel/Resort, Apartment and Aquatic markets over the coming months.

Benefits of the Early Adopter include: Discounted pricing, High level of contact with developer, Complete support with 100% satisfaction, Performance monitoring with feedback.

If you have additional interest in this program and our products, I would ask you to contact me directly to discuss the details and address any questions you may have. You can also find product information on our website.


Thomas Railsback

Owner/Business Manager

Emerald Bay Pool Coolers

0402 052 809

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