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Emerald Bay Pool Coolers use Natures Evaporation Effect. Water from the pool's filtration system is diverted to the Pool Cooler where it is instantly cooled as it mixes with air drawn in by the coolers fan. The chilled water is then returned to the pool by the existing pool system. The continuous flow of chilled water is controlled by valves that don’t require power to operate. This Ultra-Efficient system has the lowest cost of operation in the industry.

This ultra-efficient cooling machine is designed to cool your pool water by 4-5 degrees below its summer time temperature. A pool having a Emerald Bay pool cooler would typically start its day at 28-29c or less.

Our pool coolers are designed to operate in concert with your pool filtration system. By running the cooler during scheduled run time the only additional energy used is the fan motor on the cooler. 

Longer run times may be required for Initial cool down and scheduling some operation at night may be recommended. 

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